Thursday, March 6, 2014

Post March Break Novel Studies

The Giver.  Chapters #10-11

1.      Why does the ‘Community’ feel it is necessary to keep memories of things that have been removed?
3.      What does the Giver mean when he says, “It is how wisdom comes.  And how we shape our future”?
4.      What is meant by “sameness”?  Why is it so important to the survival of the community?
5.      What does the Giver mean when he explains to Jonas that honour is not the same as power?

·         Hastily, conspicuous, deftly, conveyance, quizzically.

My Side of the Mountain.  Pages #68-85 
  1. Although Sam’s senses are not as good as Frightful’s, they have improved.  Provide evidence from the novel to support this statement.
  2. Despite his fear of the man Sam finds sleeping at his camp, Sam decides to greet him instead of moving camp.  What makes him decide this?
  3. What does Sam do to battle his loneliness?

·         Furtively, chittering, devoted, fragrant, evidently. 

Lord of the Nutcracker Men.  Chapters 9 and 10.

  1. What is James referring to when he writes, “You might find it rather familiar, son”?  Why would it be familiar to Johnny?
  2. When Sarah tries to explain the reality of war to Johnny, he stops her.  Why do you think he does?
  3. What name have the soldiers given to where the communication trench meets a steam?  Why have they named it that?
  4. Initially, Johnny thinks his carving of Harry Black is dancing.  Later, he realizes he’s not.  What does he finally conclude Harry is doing?  How does he come to this ultimate realization?
  • Boche, clambered, astonishing, reconnaissance, swaths.
  • Forage, sappers, meddling, cordite, rigors.

Kicked Out.  Chapter 7.    

  1. Does Dime actually hate her parents?  Explain.
  2. hen Dime tells Darren that her parents love him more than her, what is his reaction?  What do you think his reaction says about what Dime thinks?
  3. Why does Darren love Dime so much?
  • Rumors, faded, burst, ignore, blazed.

The Outsiders.  Chapter 5

  1. What does Ponyboy mean when he says, “I was supposed to be the deep one”?
  2. Johnny thinks of Dally as a hero.  Do you think he is a hero based on what he did?  Explain.
  3. Examine Robert Frost’s poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”.  What do you think the poem is saying?  How might this apply to the characters in the novel?
  4. Who’s the spy for the Greasers?  Does this surprise you?  Why or why not?
·         Reluctantly, sullen, eluded, imploringly, gallant, indignant

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