Friday, September 21, 2018

Montreal Trip

We are in the beginning stages of planning our end of year trip.  Unfortunately prices have increased significantly since last year due to higher busing costs and because we have fewer Grade 8's than last year.  The total cost of the trip should come in around $720.  This would be offset somewhat by our Business Fair, but we would still be looking at each student paying around $570.

Please discuss this with your son or daughter and let me know if the cost is too prohibitive.  A less expensive trip (e.g. Toronto) is also a possibilty.

Mr. Bowhey


Friday, June 15, 2018

                      Grade 8 Graduation
  • Tuesday, June 26th
  • Photo is scheduled for 5:30pm
  • Ceremony:  6:30pm - 8:30'ish
  • Please try to keep the number of invited guests to 4 per graduate

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Grade 8 Questionnaire

I would like to thank…..
My favourite memory at Nottawa is....
The best part of Grade 8 was…….
In the future, I hope to………..
My word of advice for future Grade 8 students is…..
The most important thing I’ve learned is……
In the fall, I will be attending…… and I hope to……….

My favourite quote.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Charlie Wilcox

Chapter 11
  1. Charlie’s trip gets off to an auspicious start.  Explain this statement with evidence from the novel.
  2. Charlie talks out loud to himself as he tries to get out of the crate in the ship’s hold.  How does talking to himself help Charlie in this situation?
Chapter 12
  1. What significance do the images in Charlie’s dream have? Why does the image of the floating steel anchor especially disturb him?
  2. Who is most to blame for the situation that Charlie now finds himself in—Clint or Charlie himself?
  • ruckus, stowaway, delirious, battalion, contempt.

The Outsiders Chapter 6

  1. How do you think Dally’s parents and childhood have influenced the way he is now?
  2. Why doesn’t Dally want Johnny to turn himself in?
  3. What’s your definition of a hero?  Do the three boys prove themselves to be heroes according to your definition?  Explain.
  • Doggedly, bewilderment, pleading, detached, plasma

LOTNM Chapters 11/12

  1. Why do you think Johnny has the dream about his father and the Sergeant?
  2. Describe Sarah’s reaction when Johnny is about to ask her to play on his battlefield with his soldiers.  Why does she react the way she does?
  3. Though he is beginning to learn about the horrors of war, Johnny is still quite naïve.  Find an example of his naïvety in this chapter.
  4. Describe how Johnny’s relationship with his Aunt Ivy has changed since he first arrived in Cliffe.
  •  Fancied, quavered, gait, dismal, plodded.

The Giver Chapters 12/13

1.     What do you think is the “something” that Jonas speaks of in this chapter?
2.     There is much talk of “precision” of language in the novel.  What is missing from the ‘Community’s’ language lessons that would help Jonas in this chapter?
3.     Why do you think the “Community” removed the ability to see colour from its people?  What problems could the presence of colour lead to?
5.     How is Jonas’ attitude toward the “Community’s” rules beginning to change?

·      Admonition, occupational, fleeting, relinquished, entirety